What is a beauty blender and how to use it?

The Beauty Blender is a sponge that is used to apply liquid makeup. Its tear-shape allows convenient and even distribution of the product all over the face. Where does the Beauty Blender come from, what are its properties, use, and types? How to use it, wash and choose the original one?

Beauty Blender – what is it and where does it come from?

Beauty Blender has been invented and patented by a Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann in 2002. The pink tear-shaped sponge designed for the makeup application quickly became a hit. Nowadays, it is used not only by famous makeup artists but also by women all over the world. Beauty Blender can be recognized by the unique shape of a tear. Thanks to the fact that it is devoid of sharp edges, it facilitates even application of makeup. As a result, there are no streaks, stains or smudges, discolorations and fine lines are less visible.

Beauty Blender – properties and use 

Beauty Blender is a soft and elastic porous sponge. Thanks to the structure resembling a honeycomb, it retains water effectively. If it gets wet before use, it absorbs the cosmetic only to a minimal extent. Beauty Blender does not contain latex and is odorless and hypoallergenic. It must be washed regularly.

Originally, the Beauty Blender was supposed to function as a sponge for applying a foundation only. Nevertheless, over time, its use has been extended and now, it includes the application of a blush in the form of a cream, a concealer and even a face cream.

Beauty Blender – types

The original Beauty Blender measures 5.5 cm by 3.5 cm, weighs 4 g and has a pink color. With time, the sponges started appearing in many other sizes, shapes, colors, and purposes. Nowadays, the cosmetics market abounds in their various types, here they are:

  • Beauty Blusher – a smaller version of the Beauty Blender designed for the application of a blush in the form of a cream or a powder. Its gray color makes it easier to match and blend the shades.
  • Beauty Blender micro and mini – miniature Beauty Blender distribute cosmetics with even greater precision, especially in such parts of the face as the corners of the eyes, eyelids or around the nose. It allows more accurate contouring and brightening of facial features.
  • White Beauty Blender is used for applying colorless preparations, such as creams and serums.
  • Black Beauty Blender has been designed for self-tanner application.
  • Blotterazzi sponge is aimed at collecting excess sebum. It refreshes makeup and does not violate it. It has the advantage over blotting papers that it adheres to the skin with all its surface, thanks to which it evenly absorbs sebum and does not rub off the makeup, while the latter collect them only from those places where they are pressed.

Beauty Blender – how to use it?

In order to use the Beauty Blender, you must dampen it with running water and squeeze out excess water with a paper towel. Once the sponge is ready, dab it into the makeup product and transfer it to your face. Gently but firmly press it to your face and continue taping it around. Don’t wipe the sponge across your face, just bounce it to gently stipple or press the makeup into the skin for a flawless finish. The wider part of the applicator will be suitable for larger areas, such as the forehead and cheeks while using the pointy edge, you will apply the makeup to smaller areas, for instance, around the eyes and nose.

How to determine the original Beauty blender?

Every time a product becomes a popular hit, the number of fakes imitating it will grow. The same applies to the Beauty Blender. Unfortunately, it becomes more difficult to determine whether the product is real because of the misleading and false information stated on the label of most applicators. Even though we are subjected to the threat of buying a fake product everywhere, it seems that online purchase is the riskiest solution. What you should take into consideration in such case, is the surprisingly low price, although it can also be misleading; manufacturers are raising the price of fake copies in order not to discourage potential customers from buying them. The original Beauty Blender is extremely soft, it has fewer pores than the counterfeit and is easier to absorb water, and as a result, it increases its size and becomes more resilient. In addition, it is impossible to put it in an upright position due to the rounded shape.

How to wash Beauty Blender?

Beaut Blender must be washed prior to each use or after every application: the producer guarantees that this will help maintain it in a perfect shape for up to 4 months! It is worth washing it with the dedicated soap and special liquid, however, you can go ahead with a regular soap or a shampoo. Once it’s thoroughly cleansed, put it aside and allow it to air dry – make sure that the place is airy, away from the heater and free from moisture and sunlight. Failure to meet these conditions will negatively affect the durability of the product.

Beauty Blender loses its intense color with every use. This is a natural phenomenon and is not subjected to complain.

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