5 Things That Make Us Look Older. Do You Know What to Avoid?

We devote long hours every day to rubbing in creams, massaging, removing hair, make-up and other treatments that are supposed to make us look younger… at least a bit. My beauty drawer used to be filled with anti-age creams, anti-wrinkle masks and accessories that promised to bring back my skin firmness and youthful glow. Result? Nothing impressive. Not only skin care matters. What should we remember about?


Relax over a drink

I am not going to tell you to give up on alcohol. An occasional drink is nothing horrible. Just remember that many scientific tests confirm that alcohol dehydrates the body. As a consequence, the skin is less elastic – it gets dull and grey. This leads you straight to wrinkles and fatigued looks.

Travelling by car

No doubt going places by car is comfy yet regular traffic jams have a bad impact on the skin condition. Car fumes get inside through the open window, clog pores and cause blemishes. Air pollution is one of the most common causes of wrinkles.

Stooped position

It is common among people who work in a sedentary position. Firstly, a stooped woman always looks older and less attractive. Secondly, staying in such a position for a long time leads to serious back problems. In the long run – rheumatism and degeneration. A straight silhouette adds self-confidence and takes away years.

Too little sleep

We rarely have a good sleep e.g. because of work or a hobby (watching TV series late at night). Everything is for the people but we must remember that sleep is necessary to let the body regenerate. The lack of sleep is an easy way towards problems with the looks. I do not only mean shadows under the eyes. When you lack sleep, the level of the stress hormone increases and causes the appearance of wrinkles and speeds up hair greying.

Electronic devices

Sounds impossible? Scientists in Melbourne have proved that a long-term exposure to the ‘blue light’ – emitted by phones, tablets, TV sets, laptops – boosts skin ageing and has a poor influence on its condition. Why don’t you try putting your smartphone away from time to time and read a book or go for a walk instead? It will deliver far more skin benefits!

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