Tiny treasure. Naked Basic eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay

Urban Decay brand is famous for launching mini editions of their regular from time to time. This happened again. In most drugstores you can find eye shadow palate Naked Basic thanks to which you can do make-up matching every occasion.

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Palette

Although it’s really small, inside you can find several very intriguing shades and a mirror. Unfortunately, the producer didn’t provide any room for an applicator. The palette Naked Basic houses six shades delivering matte finish. They are:

  1. Venus – the only semi-matte shadow that can be described as grey white,
  2. Foxy – cream biscuit,
  3. Walk of Shame – light nude shade,
  4. Naked2 – grey beige,
  5. Faint – warm bronze,
  6. Crave – deep dark bronze.

Make-up with Urban Decay

Owing to Urban Decay Naked Basic palette you can create natural eye make-up suitable for every possible occasion or prepare a base for strong evening make-up. These matte and nude shades will be perfect to help you fulfil this task. Moreover, you can use Naked Basic to shape your eyes in order to gift them with the desired looks. To make your eyes look bigger, you can use semi-matte Venus shade. If you want to add extra depth to your look, reach for black and brown Crave.

Naked Basic. How are they like?

Eye shadows by Urban Decay have cream formula and deliver velvet finish. It’s easy to apply them to skin and blend with other cosmetics. The product doesn’t flake off when applied, it’s durable, and resistant to both water and sweat. Moreover, Naked Basic can be graded easily achieving a three dimensional eye look. The quality of the eye shadow palette is very high and the make-up applied with the use of Naked Basic is long-lasting. Basically, Naked Basic eye make-up endures the entire day without any primers and touch-ups.

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