Treatments freeing organism from toxins. Does detox through foot soaking work?

IS DETOXIFYING OF ORGANISM IMPORTANT? Of course, it is! Frequently it’s the accumulation of toxins in an organism that contributes to development of many ailments, including even our bad mood. Today, I’m going to tell you whether Body Detox due to foot soaking is effective (I tested it myself!) and what are the methods of body detoxifying in general – feel invited to read the entry.

Ways to detoxify organism

A need has arisen so we didn’t have to wait long for various methods of fulfilling it to occur. Detoxification of organism has become highly popular so as have all the ways of dealing with the issue. Among them, the most controversial seems to be the foot soaking method, which is supposed to get the toxins out of our bodies. How does it work? I’m going to shed some light on that later because there are other, more popular methods of detoxification which are definitely worth mentioning.

  • Hydrocolonotherapy – sluicing the food residues and toxins out of bowels with the use of a special apparatus; it delivers better outcomes than a classic enema.
  • Vitafon – a vibroacoustic device which affects lesions using micro vibrations of various frequency. Thanks to this, blood flow is stimulated and accelerated becomes the process of toxin removal from organism.
  • Home body detoxifying – getting rid of toxins by applying home remedies such as 2-week treatment based on drinking fermented cabbage juice, laxating herbal tea, flaxseed treatment or cleansing kefir treatment.
  • ToxiClean and other programs – a full home body detoxifying process carried out by taking a set of dietary supplements; it enables to remove heavy metals, cleanse internal organs and produce beneficial gut flora.

Why did I decide to cleanse my body due to foot soaking in particular? Mostly because it’s considered as one of the most controversial methods – it has a huge number of adherents as well as adversaries, who try to prove this method’s pointlessness. But also because this method isn’t that invasive (definitely less invasive when compared to Hydrocolonotherapy, for example) and the effects are supposed to become visible almost immediately (which doesn’t happen when undergoing home ways of body detoxification; this takes time).


When I first read about this treatment I thought: ‘Ok, this is weird.’ Then, I started taking my interest in how to free the organism from toxins and the topic of Body Detox (also known as Detox Spa) returned. It turned out that soaking feet in a special bowl containing water has many supporters and opponents. One day, I made up my mind and decided to test this method to describe and share my experiences and thoughts concerning it. What do you think, which side I take?

Body Detox due to foot soaking is a 30-minute treatment the simplicity of which may surprise you. It depends on placing feet in a special device filled with water and salt that is attached to tiny electrodes. The treatment depends on ionization, so it regulates work of organism due to skin-penetrating negative ions.

* Fun Fact: During the treatment water used to soak feet in changes its colour; it becomes darker and denser. This means that toxins have left an organism. The colour water gets helps with recognizing a health problem: black – heavy metals, brown – nicotine, dark green – contamination of gallbladder, orange – joint toxins, yellow and green – substances cumulating in kidneys, bladder or prostate gland.

How does it work?

There are approximately 2 thousand receptors and skin pores located on our feet. It’s enough to make your body detoxified through skin in particular. Detox Spa is believed to work because it restores energetic balance to organism. Power flowing through the water and salt solution facilitates the process of ionization, and this appears to be highly beneficial to our organism. Negative ions penetrating through our feet stimulate cells to more efficient work. What does it mean in practice? Simply, all toxins get out of our organism through the skin pores. The effects of deep cleansing can be seen thanks to water, which absorbs toxins and changes its colour as presented above. Therefore, examining water content before and after the treatment may reveal a lot of important information concerning our organism. For example, you can learn what type of toxins were there in the body and, as a consequence, how should you alter your lifestyle (e.g. diet). It’s important to realize that just one session of this kind of procedure isn’t enough to cleanse your body from toxins completely. Therefore, it’s suggested undergoing a few sessions of Detox Spa foot soaking. Once treating our body with this treatment a few times, the number of negative ions increases (healthy body houses more negative ions than positive).

This means that Body Detox due to foot soaking:

  • removes toxins accumulated in a body (including heavy metals),
  • facilitates swelling removal,
  • improve metabolic rate which helps fighting obesity,
  • strengthens immunity system,
  • minimises neuralgia, allergies, skin ailments, etc.
  • eliminates chronic feeling of fatigue and stress.

Is it a scam? I don’t know that yet. The opponents of this method state that foot soaking has nothing in common with true body detoxification. When it comes to water changing its colour, according to them, this is the effect of iron oxygenation, which happens to react chemically with water and salt.

My impressions:

Does the process of body detoxification due to Detox Spa device work? I have to admit that so far I’ve undergone just one treatment and I can tell you that I feel slightly better. I feel lighter and I notice my digestive system improved its performance. Also, I noticed that my skin is rarely affected by allergic rash which, in fact, was always accompanied with this irritating itchy feeling. Moreover, I think that my complexion is in better condition now as acne doesn’t appear as often as it used to. I’m not sure though, whether it’s just placebo effect, or not.

Please, tell me whether you have tested any other methods of freeing your organism from toxins. Or perhaps you are a supporter/an oponent of Detox Spa foot soaking?

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