What’s the right order of cosmetic application? Let’s check this out!

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Quick question for starters: do you know what’s the right order of applying cosmetics? Especially the products that we use on the face – there’s quite a few of them. It’s a pity if you don’t know because it is rather a crucial matter.

No worries, because with my entry about my everyday routine of applying cosmetics, everything will become crystal clear. Follow this text from the beginning to the end, and I guarantee that you will no longer have more problems with the order in which you put cosmetics onto your face. The “cream or serum first?” dilemmas will be over. If you want to introduce your care to simpler tracks, I encourage you to read what I have prepared for you.

The order of applying cosmetics 

It matters! Often times, we do not even realize what a significant role each of the cosmetics we use play. Also, the actors do not enter the stage randomly – their performance is carefully thought out and planned. The same rules apply to cosmetics.

The cream used at the wrong moment can work up to 50% less effectively than if we apply it in a suitable manner, recommended by the manufacturer and in accordance with the rules. An improperly applied serum for wrinkles will not be a wonderful remedy for all the worries of women in their adulthood. Also, omitting one of the cosmetics, eg toner, can cause that the entire tedious care process will end up in failure. You do not want it, right?

Inspiration straight from Asia – the makeup sandwich 

Asian women do not believe that excess cosmetics can be harmful. They know perfectly well that the amount does not matter, as far as we know what the right order of applying cosmetics to the face should be. The skin does not like an exaggeration but also loves harmony. That’s why it is worth introducing the sandwich method.

Why is the sandwich method so popular? For a simple reason. No, not because it evokes a pleasant association with food (although it does). It is simply easy to remember that we should proceed with cosmetics as with the ingredients of a sandwich – we cannot put butter on lettuce and cheese, so we should not apply cream before we clean our face and use a toner. Unless we like the unconventional approach to the matter, but trust me, the sandwich with butter on the top is not comfortable to eat. It just does not work.

In what order is best to apply cosmetics to the face?

The principle is simple and it is worthwhile memorizing it by heart, because only systematic (and not one-time!) application of the sandwich method can bring any effects in the skin care. I know what I am saying because o my short-lived enthusiasm, I often get caught up in the fact that through my forgetfulness it is difficult for me to draw 100% of the care treatments that I decided to take on.

What is important when using the sandwich method?

  • The order of applying cosmetics, or a specific routine.
  • Selection of products that contain matching ingredients.
  • The right amount of time each layer needs to work.

The cosmetic application according to the sandwich method

Check what to put on the face step by step to achieve the best results in care. The importance of the order in which we should apply cosmetics to the face is even emphasized by specialists in the field of cosmetology. Ask your beautician if it really matters what we put at first and what should be used later.

And now the most important: how to apply cosmetics step by step:

  1. Oil-based cosmetics – it can be pure oil (almond, olive, argan, jojoba, etc.) or a special makeup oil. I always use the heaviest cosmetics at the very beginning, and the oils are perfect for washing off even dirt and waterproof makeup. I apply oil with my fingers or a cloth, wait a moment until it dissolves the impurities and wipe the face with a cotton pad. Without water!
  2. Micellar liquid – you must always remember that one-time cleansing of the skin will not bring spectacular effects, therefore, after the use of an oil, I always reach for micellar water (it’s light, well-cleansing), which removes any residual impurities resistant to oil. And now an important thing: keep replacing the pads and cleaning the face until the skin is completely clean, and no dirt is left on the swab.
  3. Toner or hydrolate – I often use hydrolates in the form of a toner, but I know that many people would not agree with such a measure. You just have to decide for yourself what suits your skin better. In this step, the main aim is to refresh the skin and restore its proper pH. Thanks to this, we will not have problems with oily or acne skin.
  4. The facial serum – this is the perfect time for applying a face serum. As for the order in which the cosmetics are applied to the face, the serum must be used exactly at this point. It can be a special serum designed for example for the care of skin covered with wrinkles (anti-age) or an ordinary one containing vitamin E with antioxidant effects. Some people like to use retinol in this step, but you have to be careful with it – I haven’t used it, so I cannot explain it in detail.
  5. Face cream – the most common mistake is replacing the cream with a serum. You should never do this. The serum works inside the skin, and the cream on its surface and both of these steps are really important. Of course, the layer of cream should be thin, so as not to overload, and clog the pores. For the day, choose a light moisturizing cream, because hydration is what the skin needs the most.
  6. Eye cream – only at the end we can finally use the under-eye cream. Not before and not quite at any other time. When the skin is perfectly cleansed and moisturized, we can apply a product with such a precise action in the areas that require something more. Therefore, apply it just under the eyes to get rid of dark circles, puffiness, and bags. However, this step can also include the application of spot pimple treatment or scar-reducing cosmetics. All depending on individual needs

Easy & simple, right?

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