Testing Different Brow Lamination Kits With My Besties! Check Out The RANKING Of The Best Products

Girls! Good news! DIY brow lift at home has become a reality! Did you know that this treatment can be effortless and quick? How to perform brow lamination at home? With a little patience and a good lamination kit, you can easily do it by yourself! Ok, but which brow lamination kit to choose? I come to the rescue! I’ve prepared a ranking of the best home lamination kits tested by me and by my friends. Check out which one turned out to be the best!

Testing Brow Lamination Kits

Which brow lamination kit for home use will be the best?

Obviously, the one that works best, but what does that really mean? First of all, a good kit for DIY brow lamination at home should be safe and easy to use, and the effects should last weeks on the eyebrows. In this ranking of brow lift kits, my friends and I considered not only the effects, but also the price and quality, and whether we could easily handle eyebrow lamination at home. A winner quickly revealed itself! <3 Check out our ranking and see which home brow lamination kit is worth trying out!



nanobrow lamination kit
  • EFFICIENCY – this kit is enough for 11 – 12 laminations
  • PRICE – very affordable price, it’s a must-have 😀 
  • EASE OF USE – the easiest-to-use brow lamination kit we have come across! <3
  • EFFECTS ON EYEBROWS – the effect lasted about 7 weeks – WOW!

We are all obsessed with this brilliant home brow lamination kit! Nanobrow Lamination Kit is the CHAMPION of DIY eyebrow lift at home! It’s mega easy to use, comes with clearly described instructions, and all the bottles in the kit are numbered, so it’s impossible to get confused during the treatment. The price is really great too: it certainly won’t go over your budget. Neither of us had a problem with the lamination and the whole process took 15 to 20 minutes.  A big plus for the quality of the products and hygienic packaging: handy pumps to dispense the products, as well as for the performance of the kit and the beautiful effects, which lasted almost 2 months! This is one of the best home brow lamination kits ever! <3


  • EFFICIENCY – enough for 8 treatments
  • PRICE – very high price; costs a fortune
  • EASE OF USE – quite easy to use
  • EFFECTS ON EYEBROWS – 6 weeks max

At first, we were totally delighted with the design of this kit. This set is really nicely released and looks stylish. Inside, there’s a huge brochure with a lengthy manual and a guide on eyebrow lamination. Seems great! Unfortunately, I quickly found that this eyebrow lamination kit has a bit of a drawback. The bottles have slightly smaller sizes. And unfortunately, they are not convenient to use, because they are not equipped with dispensing pumps.  The products spilled over during lamination. The price of this brow lamination kit is also not great, and although the effects are nice, they last shorter than with the kit mentioned above – only 6 weeks. It’s certainly a fairly recommended home eyebrow lamination kit, but it didn’t become our favorite. 


  • EFFICIENCY – enough for 10 eyebrow laminations
  • PRICE – not great, very high in fact
  • EASE OF USE – it is not as easy to use as other kits
  • EFFECTS ON EYEBROWS – the lamination effects lasted about 5 weeks

This brow lamination kit is intended for professional use, typically for beauty salons. However, we decided to see if we could do a brow lift with it at home. After all, it was released by a fairly renowned brand that is famous for its sensational brow tints. It turned out that DIY brow lamination at home with this kit is not so simple at all… the instructions for use are quite vague, and using it requires knowledge of the laminating solutions and how long they should be kept on a particular eyebrow type. But don’t worry, there’s nothing to regret, as the high price of this brow lamination kit disqualifies it anyway, in my opinion.


  • EFFICIENCY – the kit is enough for 12 laminations
  • PRICE – very unfavorable price
  • EASE OF USE – ease is the wrong word here. This laminating kit is very difficult to use for beginners
  • EFFECTS ON EYEBROWS – the laminating effect lasted for about a month on the eyebrows 

The four of us got together and thought that together we could figure out the complicated instructions for performing brow lamination at home with this kit. Unfortunately, each of us had a different idea about how to apply the products and how long to keep them on the eyebrows. That’s why we kept the waiting time to a minimum because we were afraid that we would simply damage our brow hairs. In other words, certainly, a professional beautician won’t have a problem with this kit, but we did, and we don’t recommend it for eyebrow lamination at home. In addition, it comes in sachets. You won’t use all the product from inside the sachet for one lamination and you are forced to throw it away as an open sachet cannot be stored. In other words, it’s a total waste of money, and considering that this brow lamination kit is expensive, it’s not cost-effective for home use at all.


  • EFFICIENCY – this kit is enough for nine brow laminations at home
  • PRICE – quite affordable, which is a plus, of course
  • EASE OF USE – quite easy to use
  • EFFECTS ON EYEBROWS – lasted about 3 weeks

A brand that is known for its drugstore products. The product range seems to have everything you can think of. And while the brand’s range is extensive, the quality can vary though. We decided to try out their brow lamination kit at home, as it is sure to catch your attention. But is this a recommended eyebrow lamination kit and is it worth buying? I think that for a similar price, you can purchase a much better kit for DIY brow lamination at home. Especially since it is the least efficient of all, and the effects last the shortest. This home brow lamination kit also gets very different reviews; there are even comments that it does not work at all. I think, however, that this is a bit unfair as this product laminates the eyebrows but…quite poorly though. 😉

What do eyebrows look like following the lamination treatment?

Eyebrow lamination is a beauty treatment that has become super-trendy recently because it allows you to get results you won’t get with any other product. Brow lamination sets the brows in place and maintains their desired shape not for a day or two, but for as long as several weeks. It’s an easy way to get the perfect brow shape! Think for yourself, what a wonderful option it is to perform one short treatment and not worry about the appearance of your eyebrows at all! Following the lamination, the eyebrows are set in place all the time in the shape you gave them during the procedure. The effects of brow lamination are amazing! Brow hairs are perfectly and evenly brushed up, they look very neat, and the eyebrows gain extra thickness and volume. This is a really cool way to achieve fuller and very elegant eyebrows! <3 

How long do the effects of brow lamination last?

Eyebrow lamination is a beauty treatment that gives long-lasting results. As you may have already noticed from our ranking of the best home brow lamination kits, the lifting effect lasts from 3, even up to 8 weeks, depending on the quality of the lamination kit, the type of eyebrows, and even external factors and how fast your brow hairs grow. However, my tests with my friends showed that there are no big differences when it comes to eyebrow lamination results achieved with a particular kit.  For example, in the case of the winning Nanobrow Lamination Kit, each of us confirmed that the brow lamination effect lasted about 7 weeks or even up to two months. WONDERFUL!

That’s why it’s so important, in our opinion, which home brow lamination kit you choose. I hope this ranking will help you choose the best brow lift kit for home use for yourself.  Let us know if your DIY brow lamination was successful and if you had any problems during the procedure!  That’s all for today, have a lovely day! <3