How to take care of eyes during summer? Shades with filters


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I’m totally positive about you being aware of the importance of protecting the skin against sun rays. You apply sunscreens, protect the face with a wide-brimmed hat, and you hang a special foils in your car windows. But how do you protect the eyes? Unfortunately, a regular sunglasses bought somewhere on the street won’t help much. If you want to enjoy good health of your eyes, wear shades that feature appropriately high filter.

How do UV rays affect our sight?

I’m totally positive I don’t have to remind you that UVA and UVB radiation is destructive for skin and hair. It causes wrinkles, sun-indulged pigmentation marks, and in the extreme cases even cancer. But how sun rays affect our eyes? Lack of protection provided to the eyes leads either to inflammation or burn of cornea and conjunctival sac, cataract, and damages of retinal macula. Apart from that, you can suffer from: pain, watery eyes, sensation of dry eyes. If eyes are exposed to the action of UV radiation for long, their surface can become covered with hard lumps and cancer. And these requires surgical treatments.

How to protect eyes against harmful radiation?

It’s simple! Just wear sunglasses. By the same token, you should wear shades even in the winter, especially when you are taking a stroll or skiing. What’s interesting, you can treat sunglasses like jewellery and match them to your clothing, event or make-up. However, the most important point is buying the shades which feature appropriately high sun protection filter. Therefore, while choosing the sunglasses, have in mind the following issues:

  • sunglasses don’t only protect your eyes but also the delicate eye skin area;
  • wear only the sunglasses which are certified to be safe;
  • although you don’t suffer from any ailments right now, it may change in the future (your eyesight might get worse);
  • choose the categories of lenses in accordance to the level of insolation: 1 and 2 category are the best ones as the protection against moderate insolation, 3 category facilitates convenient driving, and 4 category is useful for all skiers and vacationists;
  • buy shades with sun protection filters in certified places only.

How do you protect your eyes against the sun, girls?


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