What’s the proper way of washing greasy hair?


Greasy hair is the recurring nightmare of many women. It’s really hard to take care of such hair and in most people this effort takes the form of an uphill task. If you are one of them, then find out what you can do to stop the hair from getting continuously greasy. Also, I’m going to tell you what cosmetics you should use to combat this problem.

How to wash hair to make it look fresh?

There are common things connecting taking care of oily hair and taking care of oily complexion. In order to balance work of sebaceous glands, you have to deal with proper hydration first. The same thing must be done with hair. Therefore, don’t forget about regular scalp cleaning. Dampen hair and head with lukewarm water and then pour a portion of shampoo into your hand and thin it with water. During first shampooing try removing impurities from hair only – leave the scalp. Rinse the lather, but you don’t have to be very thorough about it. No sooner than during the second shampooing should you focus on scalp. Keep massaging the scalp which will help you remove the impurities and improve blood flow.

How often should greasy hair be washed?

Shampoo your hair as often as you feel like doing it. Obviously, there are people claiming that greasy hair shouldn’t be washed too frequently. However, I suggest you to do this often as you please. Still, bear in mind that frequent hair washing might dehydrate scalp. This in turn leads to increased sebum production and – oh, boy – greasy scalp. Therefore, if possible, choose a moisturising shampoo to wash your greasy hair with.

Beauty products for greasy hair

To condition greasy hair use cosmetics that are deprived of detergents, alcohol and other substances that might contribute to dehydrating and leaving scalp irritated. Also, do your best to avoid silicone in the products you apply to the hair. In short, these substances might weigh hair down and strip the strands of volume. It’s definitely better to turn to cosmetics with herbal extracts that are antibacterial, soothe and leave head freshened up.

Furthermore, greasy hair can also be treated with: yeast mask, lemon scalp conditioner, bread soda, apple vinegar, homemade aloe shampoo, egg white, corn flour, bear hair wash, herbal scalp conditioner. Basically, the following herbs should also do the work: lavender, mint, chamomile, sage, green tea.

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