Three Enemies of My (And Maybe Your) Skin!


You must know these products. Yesterday, I promised myself I would write about them. I don’t mean beauty products that are usually described on the blog. Today, let’s take a look at our diet and its huge impact on the condition and looks of the skin.

Meet three skin enemies you must pay attention to in your diet. The health and beauty of the skin depend on them. Discover products that I’ve given up. My skin gave me signs it didn’t like them.


My rough relationship with coffee ended up in a break-up. As a young girl, I used to hate it. Then, I fell in love with latte from a nearby café. Now I’m on a coffee ‘rehab’. DIY coffee scrub is my fave cosmetic yet the effects of drinking coffee aren’t as excellent. After having a cup of strong coffee my skin looked like after a sleepless night; redness and dark circles around eyes. I advise replacing coffee with green tea that is also stimulating.


I know I don’t look like it but I love fatty food. Sadly, there is a strong connection between impure skin and the amount and types of fats we eat. Fried food, salty snacks – even my beloved chips – have a bad influence on skin. More blackheads appear and the skin is oily. I go for steaming.


Those allergic to dairy like the idea of giving it up. Although I tolerate dairy products, I don’t eat much because they harm my skin. My diet must be healthiest for my complexion. What used to happen to my skin after eating dairy? Irritations and acne breakouts on the whole face – anytime I ate a sandwich with butter and cottage cheese.

Do these products make your skin suffer as well?

Maybe, there’s something different your skin hates? 

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