Post-tuning Diorshow. How do I like Pump’n’Volume?


Hello Beautiful Beings,

Today, I’m going to tell you about a new product by Diorshow that has shaken the world of cosmetics mainly by its innovative packaging. It’s task is to preserve mascara’s freshness forever. Also, the creators claim that they found the solution for the problem concerning getting the right amount of the mascara by the wand. No more dirty mascara brush?

Fact – there has been nobody to propose this kind of solution so far. Dior’s bottle, or rather its inside, isn’t made of plastic but of very elastic and soft rubber. This was made for you, so you can squeeze the tube of Pump’n’Volume when it is screwed and when the brush is hidden inside. Thanks to this, the mascara will coat the want evenly. The black liquid, in turn, is supposed to remain fresh to guarantee precise application with no lumps (again, due to the squeezing).

Certainly, the idea is impressive and really innovative. However, does it really work?

I think that at the beginning (so for more or less a month of use) squeezing the tube will definitely work. You’ll be sure that the mascara applied to the eyelashes is fresh and is of appropriate consistency.

However, if you don’t cleanse the wand the mascara features, sooner or later this idea will turn into your disadvantage.

It’s obvious that any mascara changes its consistency with time and simply becomes oxygenated. It’s clear to see when we take out the brush from the tube. The mascara is getting denser and often creates lumps on eyelashes because it starts getting dry. If you don’t wash it regularly but instead put it inside the tube, then at every another use and squeezing of the packaging the lumps of mascara will reside deeper into the brush. As it is not hard to predict, once the brush is coated with lumps, so will be your lashes.

Because I wear contact lenses, I’m super sensitive when it comes to the subject of ‘lumped’ eyelashes. It happened to me more than once that this sly mascara’s lump got underneath my contact lens. Irritations guaranteed.

To put it differently – instead of us giving the mascara a punishing by squeezing it, it will be the mascara to give us the hard time. I wouldn’t also fall for this squeezing technique preventing the mascara from getting dense. Unfortunately, every mascara has its limited lifespan, which takes from 4-6 months because after this period it thickens, hinders coating, GATHERS BACTERIA, finishes and oxygenates.

Therefore, squeezing Pump’n’Volume might be a fun activity but I don’t find it so practical and revolutionary. Anyway, two things can’t be denied. The first is the brush, which is made of silicone. It really makes coating eyelashes super easy. Secondly, the colour of the product is also superb.

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