My Quick and Easy Evening Beauty Routine

No matter how tired I’m, the very first thing I do after returning home is remove makeup. And I strongly believe you should develop this habit too! Actually, if you don’t free your face from color cosmetics once you get back home, you absolutely must do this before going to bed. I can’t think of anything worse that you could possibly do to your skin than falling asleep still wearing makeup. I truly hope that by the end of this post, you will have understood how vital evening face cleansing is. To help you get used to this treatment easier, I’ve prepared a short guide on how your evening beauty routine may look like. 

Evening skin care routine is super important. This is when you have the opportunity to let your skin relax after the entire day. You free your delicate skin from dust, urban pollution, excess sebum, grime and skincare products applied in the morning. Giving your skin a deep clean is especially useful during the pandemic, when more and more of us have developed a new type of acne caused by wearing dirty face masks.

It can’t be denied, the evening beauty routine I’m about to present to you isn’t extended. I’d suggest considering it as the bare minimum. When I have more time, I reach for some acids, scrub or facial mask, but I wouldn’t say that they are a part of my regular evening routine. So, let me give you a suggestion on how to clean your face at bedtime.

1. Makeup removal

The first step in my evening routine depends on whether I wear makeup on a particular day or not. If not, I skip this step and move on to the second step – obviously. But if I wear makeup, I like using reusable cotton pads (remember to wash them after every use) and micellar cleanser to take off the color cosmetics. I try not to rub the face vigorously to avoid irritation. When it comes to the eyelashes, I’m super gentle with them. How to be gentle to your lashes? Press the cotton pad to the closed eye and wait until the mascara coat and eye-shadows transfer onto the pad. No rubbing required.

2. Washing

The second step is face cleansing, and this element of evening routine is highly important. I like cleaning my face with a gel and lukewarm water. Then I’m sure that all makeup residues and other impurities have been totally removed from my face. Obviously, this isn’t my last stage of evening skincare routine.

3. Toning

Now the third step – skin toning. It’s been some time now since I’m using a face toner. Believe me or not, but ever since I’ve been wiping my skin with this product, I can notice a huge improvement in the way my complexion looks – it’s smoother, calmed down and evened out. No doubts, my face likes this skincare product.

4. Moisturizing

The last step depends on applying a moisturizing night face cream. Sometimes I use an unrefined jojoba oil instead of the cream but in general I finish my evening skincare routine with a good moisturizer to wake up with hydrated skin.

As you can see, my evening routine is really quick and easy. It consists of only four steps but you can sometimes skip two of them, which literally saves you time.

How does your evening skincare routine look like? Are you a fan of a multi-stage face cleansing or do you limit yourself to the essential stages only? I’m curious to know your habits.

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