How To Get Your Hair Ready for Spring? 3 Post-Winter Hair Treatments


Today’s post will be far from complex. I’ve prepared a short reminder for those who forget how to bring life back to hair after winter.

My hair never looks good after those long winter months. Squeezed up by a hat and scarf, deprived of the Sun and fresh hair, with no access to fresh nutrients – once the spring arrives, instead of looking gorgeous, the hair resembles a haystack. What treatments should you use to shine in the first rays of this lovely, spring sun?

Hair spring-cleaning

It’s time for doing some spring-cleaning with hair! Luckily, this isn’t difficult, unless you have a plan. For example, if you want to go crazy with a new hair color, call your hairdresser and make an appointment (note: the assault on hair salons is huge after winter, so the waiting time extends considerably).

If you are one of those ladies who prefer to take care of their hair at the convenience of their own house, you have to be prepared as well. Firstly, equip yourself with the essential hair products that you need for conditioning and styling your strands. In most cases the products you use during winter may be useless in spring. Why so? Because in spring hair needs less protection but more nourishment and hydration, delivered with lightweight products. It may turn out that getting a new set of hair products is necessary – the hair products that will strengthen and improve the appearance of strands that had a hard time during winter.

What does hair need after winter?

Mostly, it needs hydration because water is the core of our good health and beautiful look. Well-hydrated follicles guarantee you that your hair will grow beautiful, long and healthy. For that reason, in the spring make sure that you hydrate your body not only from the inside but also form the outside, using the right cosmetics, e.g. humectant-rich hair mask, or a home hair mask made from an oil blend, honey and aloe leaf juice.

Another issue that needs to be pointed out is the nutrient shortage, which is typical of the post-winter season. It goes without saying that in winter our diet is slightly less diversified than it is in spring. Mostly, our body and hair lacks vitamins and minerals, among which the most important are:

  • H vitamin, biotin – also known as the vitamin of healthy hair
  • B-group vitamins – helps get repair faster and grow longer
  • zinc and silicon – a potent duo rich in minerals

Ways to strengthen hair after winter

And now it’s time to give you some ticks on how to satisfy the needs that hair may have after winter – moisture, nutrients and reinforcement. The 3 pieces of advice I’m going to present to you in a moment aren’t any latest discovery or revolution. I’d call them the old-timers of proven effectiveness.

1. Food supplements for strong hair

Horsetail is the king when it comes to high silicon content, which is an element that hair craves for after the winter. Therefore, I’d recommend you reaching for food supplements with horsetail, horsetail infusions and hair products enriched with horsetail extract. If you decide to give some food supplements for strong hair a try, remember to also use biotin and nettle, which often come with the horsetail hair products. All of them combined together fight for your hair.

2. Natural scalp lotions

Now something for the external use – scalp lotions. These products are the best because while you apply them, you are instructed to perform a short massage, which boosts circulation in the scalp. This in turn encourages all nutrients to penetrate deep to reach the follicles and work from within. Naturally, you can buy a scalp lotion in a store, but the majority of the ready-made products contain alcohol that may leave the scalp dehydrated. That being said, I’d suggest making your own scalp lotions at home. Infuse nettle and horsetail, and apply it to the scalp, being sure that the infusion isn’t too hot.

3. Post-winter hair oil treatment

I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t mention hair oil treatment. This is a true HIT of home treatments and it works wonders all year long, no matter the season; which may be super beneficial in spring. When the hair is weak, coarse and dull after the winter, natural plant oils may restore the smoothness, softness and shine. All you have to do is apply the oils prior to shampooing and the follicles will get stronger, hair will stop falling out in excess, and in general it will become resilient and simply gorgeous. I was never let down by hair oil treatment, and by saying that I mean that this is my remedy for every possible concern that your hair may be affected by, including the early spring fatigue.

What are your post-winter hair treatments?

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