How (and Why) I Take Care of My Mascara

eyelash care

Hey, beauties!

Today’s post is a kind of a warning that will let you care for your eyes and eyelashes.

My friend was the inspiration for the article. We were getting ready for the night-out and putting makeup on. Everything was fine until Caroline reached out for her mascara. The wand was covered with awful clumps… To make things worse, she did something horrible – started pumping the mascara wand as if it was a bicycle pump!

I told her that she shouldn’t treat her mascara this way. Pumping the air in and out makes the mascara dry out quickly, and causes clumps. Such a cosmetic spoils the whole makeup; its consistency is different so it starts flaking after 2-3 hours. I wear contact lenses so such a situation causes immediate discomfort and irritations. Mascara clumps get into my eyes… it’s a nightmare.

That’s why, girls, I warn you – don’t pump the mascara wand like crazy; you won’t scoop more mascara this way. Just take it out before use. Moreover, you must regularly wash the wand to keep mascara fresh and long-lasting, and enjoy ideal eye makeup. I do it once a week; twice a week is enough to keep mascara freshness, makeup perfection and good condition of eyes. 

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