Holika Holika Aloe Gel – Hit or Miss?

holika holika

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In today’s post, let’s ‘pay tribute’ to the Aloe gel that has taken over the cosmetic market. It is still among the hottest products mentioned on blogs and vlogs.

Holika Holika is already an iconic face, body and hair gel. An incomer from the exotic island – Jeju – also known as the love island. (Fun fact: the unique face cleansing Konjac sponge also comes from this island)

What Is the Phenomenon of Holika Holika Gel?

Is it as excellent as described by beauty vloggers and bloggers? How to use the Jeju island gel for best effects?

I won’t be original. Let me repeat with all women: Holika Holika is a beauty care genius!

I bought it, used it and love it. Not only is it natural and contains 99% of aloe extract (from the purest and untouched regions of South Korea) but also includes plant extracts from cucumber, bamboo, corn shoots and watermelon seeds.

It smells wonderful and absorbs rapidly without leaving greasy residue. Holika Holika is a perfect summer cosmetic – it is neither thick nor greasy. It has a beautiful cucumber and aloe aroma. Mostly, I apply it to body, hands and face. The aloe gel makes an excellent makeup primer; the foundation doesn’t drip off the face, it is shockingly long-wear. What is more, aloe soothes all irritations and skin redness thus works for the vascular and acne-prone skin. Holika Holika comes in two capacities: larger (250 ml) and smaller (50 ml).

I feel Holika Holika makes my hair a bit frizzy so prefer using it for skin care. Natural oils have stolen my heart in hair care and I don’t think it will ever change. On the other hand, Holika Holika was with me throughout the vacation when I had no time for hair oil treatment. I rubbed the gel into damp hair ends and didn’t worry about their condition. Aloe gel from Jeju is an amazing summer product because it works as several cosmetics: hair conditioner, hand and foot lotion, facial gel, makeup primer and delicate under-eye serum. An ideal body balm for hot days. I recommend it for vacation yet not only. You should always have it e.g. to apply as a soothing facial serum in winter. Viva la Holika Holika! 🙂 

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