Has Castor Oil Helped My Hair & Scalp?

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I’ve been using castor oil for a few months. I’ve heard it delivers amazing benefits. All my friends have used it and they are really astonished by the treatment effects. Check how castor oil works for my hair and skin. Enjoy!

Castor Oil – What Is It?

Castor oil is extracted from castorbean. It is the source of essential unsaturated fatty acids, minerals, proteins and vitamin E. The oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungi properties. It can tackle acne, skin irritations, thinning hair and premature graying. Castor oil is widely available. You’ll buy it in every drug store and pay a super low budget price. Everyone can use it, regardless of the type of skin and hair.

Castor Oil – Hair & Skin Benefits

This light yellow liquid is sensational for the condition of hair and scalp. The oil fights against thinning and premature hair loss and graying. It prevents the proliferation of bacteria responsible for dandruff and other scalp diseases. Castor oil increases blood flow to the scalp and strengthens hair follicles thus stimulates hair growth. If you use it regularly, it can fix hair that is over-processed due to coloring or heat-styling. Thanks to castor oil, hair is smooth, shiny and resistant to free radicals. It makes styling and brushing easier, and keeps strands from tangling.

How to Use Castor Oil?

Castor oil is thick so it lasts very long. A few drops during one application are enough to enjoy effects after a month. Remember to heat the oil up before use. You apply it to scalp once or twice a week. The easiest way is spreading castor oil onto damp hair and clean scalp. Do the treatment in the evening so you can wash hair in the morning and enjoy a beautiful hairdo.


Do a patch test before applying castor oil. Apply a bit to the bottom of your neck and wait 24 hours. If no irritation occurs, feel free to use the product.

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