Dry Body Brushing – My Infallible Method for Smooth Skin

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Dry body brushing is one of my favorite home SPA treatments. It delivers amazing skin benefits. It’s easy and very pleasurable. How to brush dry skin the right way? Read the post to find out all you need to know.

What Is Dry Body Brushing?

The name explains everything. You massage different parts of your body skin with a soft bristle brush, usually after bath or shower. It is important to start with arms and legs, finishing at the chest area. Firming products during the massage are welcome.

What Are Dry Body Brushing Benefits?

First of all, improved blood circulation while massaging with the brush. The skin is firmed up, looks healthy and gets oxygen. That’s why it is so crucial to brush the body towards the heart. Moreover, the treatment lets you spread lymph that may have settled in body parts, causing swellings. Second of all, exfoliation. Soft bristles of the brush perfectly exfoliate dead skin cells, smoothing wrinkles and firming skin up. Thanks to the exfoliation, you’ll have no problem with applying cosmetics or hair removal. Dry skin brushing helps get rid of pigmentation spots and fine lines. Thirdly, cleansing the skin. Thanks to dry body brushing, your skin will be clean whereas the pores – unblocked. The bristles eliminate sebum, dead skin cells, cosmetic buildup and dirt in skin pores.

Which Brush to Choose?

The brush should have soft and long bristles so it won’t irritate the skin. Instead, it will massage and effectively purify. The best brushes are made from natural materials that are easy to wash, give amazing results and don’t cause irritations.

How to Do Dry Body Brushing?

Begin with feet, move on to calves and thighs. Next, take care of arms: brush hands, then elbows and shoulders. Buttocks, belly, back and chest come at the end. Remember not to scrub the skin. Just use the right pressure to see mind-blowing effects.

Have You Ever Tried Dry Body Brushing? 

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