Couperose skin care – my methods of care

Couperose skin got its name after the location of the blood vessels, which are located just under the skin. In addition, they are inflexible, easily expand, and then not always contract. The vessels expand under the influence of atmospheric conditions, i.e. high temperature, scorching sun or strong wind, and some cosmetics. For this reason, couperose skin requires careful care and appropriately selected cosmetics that will not only protect it, but also significantly improve its condition. How to identify couperose complexion? What cosmetics strengthening vessels and professional treatments are most recommended? What role does thorough makeup removal play in the care of couperose skin?

How to identify couperose skin?

Distinguishing normal, combination and oily skin can be really problematic, nevertheless, couperose skin cannot be mistaken with any other type. Its most characteristic features include:

  • visible thin red threads – single or very densely concentrated, which appear on the cheeks, near the nose and possibly on the neckline;
  • thin skin – usually dry and very sensitive;
  • blood vessels located just below the surface – not very flexible, easily expanding (under the influence of weather and some cosmetics) and not always contracting.

Couperose skin – cosmetics and treatments 

Couperose skin gets red under the influence of conditions outside and inside the room; it takes on colors mainly on the cheeks, around the nose, on the temples, and the forehead. To minimize these symptoms, it’s best to go for cosmetics containing esculin, ascorbic acid, and derivatives of flavonoids. If the effects are not satisfying, I recommend treatments using the IPL device or erbium-YAG skin resurfacing laser.

Couperose skin in the summer – thorough makeup removal 

Thorough makeup removal is an essential step in every day skin care routine regardless of the skin type. Couperose skin is most sensitive, therefore, the remaining makeup, as well as sweat and dust, can cause serious irritation. In addition, careful makeup removal will make the active ingredients better absorbed, and thus – fully used by the skin.

For skin cleansing, choose mild products, such as gels or emulsions. They cannot comprise soap as it could dry out and irritate the skin. Always use lukewarm water to rinse the cosmetics and gently wipe your face with a paper towel or a cotton cloth. Micellar water is also a great idea – they are very mild and yet, remove impurities from the skin and does not require rinsing with water. After washing the face, remember to wipe it with an alcohol-free toner that will restore the skin’s natural pH. In addition, such a toner can replace thermal water, just spray it over your face and gently collect excess water with a tissue.

Furthermore, don’t forget about exfoliating scrubs, but only go for the enzyme peels. Instead of abrading the skin, they dissolve dead skin cells. However, coarse-grained scrubs contain particles that can irritate the skin or warm it up which will make red spider veins even more visible. Additionally, you can replace enzymatic peel with a gommage peel that combines the features of enzymatic and mechanical scrub.

What is more, try avoiding waterproof cosmetics – they are hard to remove which is why they require the use of stronger removers that can cause serious skin irritations.

Couperose skin in the summer – blood vessel-strengthening cosmetics 

Always use cosmetics that are dedicated to couperose skin, which contain plant extracts, flavonoids, and vitamins. These ingredients, for example, ginkgo biloba extract, witch hazel, champignon, arnica, chestnut, and wild myrtle flowers as well as vitamin C, K, and PP strengthen the walls of the blood vessels, reduce their permeability and have anti-inflammatory qualities. The day cream should contain sunscreen, and for the night – nutritious and regenerating ingredients. Remember that UV filters are not reserved just for hot summer days and should be used throughout the entire year.

In addition, you should use preparations with a stronger effect, such as masks and serums. They contain a higher concentration of substances strengthening the blood vessels. It is enough to apply a face mask once a week, and you can apply the serum even daily – as a base for day or the night cream.

Couperose skin in the summer – professional treatments 

If you wish to get rid of dilated capillaries for good, first, you must undergo a professional treatment. The most effective treatments are a laser or IPL treatment, but none of them should be carried out in the summer; the reason is the scorching sun. However, even in the summer, you can use the vessels-sealing treatments – they have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, and their selection is very wide. Among others, I recommend sonophoresis and iontophoresis. Both treatments involve the introduction of highly concentrated cosmetics into the skin. With sonophoresis, this process takes place via ultrasound, and with iontophoresis – by means of a direct current. The treatments are effective and relaxing.

How do you take care of your complexion? What cosmetics do you use and what treatments do you take? I am waiting for your opinions!

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