Challenge: Eyelash Repair with Mascara. Lashcode Review

Eyelash Repair with Mascara Lashcode

Hey, girls!

You’ve sent me lots of e-mails, asking about eyelash care. I know you’re not happy with your mascaras. No doubt, they belong to beauty products that can dry and damage lashes despite delivering nice makeup. Mascara often ‘gives and takes’: nicely coated lashes at the cost of their condition or durable formula requiring an invasive makeup removal (=pulling lashes out).

I used to think that a perfect mascara is a cosmetic Holy Grail – all women look for it without success not knowing if it exists.

It turned out there’s such a product and it’s really iconic. It doesn’t only deliver incredible makeup but also noticeably conditions eyelashes. Lashcode has won the title of the best mascara because it has met the challenge.

Challenge: eyelash repair in 30 days + beautiful lash makeup

best natural looking mascara - Lashcode

Goal: healthier, stronger, elastic and longer lashes that don’t fall out

Means to an End: Lashcode mascara

To be honest, at first I didn’t believe Lashcode would make it. On the other hand, I was eager to start testing. I was amazed by the ingredients listed on the website:

  • Baicalin,
  • Arginine,
  • Soy Extract,
  • Wheat Extract,
  • Panthenol,
  • Vitamin E.

The mascara contains more beneficial substances than many eyelash serums. Additionally, it provides a great makeup thanks to an intense and strongly pigmented shade. Lashcode is non-greasy and gives a velvety finish. Thanks to the powdery consistency, eyelashes have a rich black color no matter the intensity of lighting.

lashcode - mascara for sensitive eyes

Lashcode wand is precise and separates lashes without pulling. It guarantees comfy makeup. To me, the formula is ideal. My lashes are perfectly coated with the mascara. The formula doesn’t dry out so Lashcode keeps fresh long months.

I used the mascara every day for 30 days and observed if (and how) Lashcode changed my lashes. Except for beautifully coated, lengthy and black lashes, I didn’t notice any changes during first two weeks. During the third week, I saw bouncier, more elastic and voluminous lashes that stopped falling out during the day and makeup removal. When it comes to the extension effect, I wish I had measured the length of my lashes before the ‘treatment’. After 30 days it was hard to say if they grew longer. Luckily one day my lashes started brushing against my sunglasses. Lashcode mascara ensures such an eyelash growth and strength boost that it’s visible after just 4 weeks. The wand doesn’t pose any problems, even for girls who aren’t experienced makeup artists. It is smudge-free and lets me operate on the whole eye line freely.

Lashcode Mascara – Effects on Eyelashes

Summing Up:

Lashcode is a mascara that meets all of my expectations. Not only has it made my lashes attractive, longer and healthier but also beautifies them every single day, ensuring a flawless makeup.

best conditioning mascara - lashcode
more information can be found on the official website –

I haven’t come across a better mascara that would deliver such a precise makeup and fast eyelash repair. Winner!

21 Comments “Challenge: Eyelash Repair with Mascara. Lashcode Review”

  1. Isabella93

    I have the mascara for a few weeks now, and I was rather sceptical when it comes to the action delivered by the conditioning substances, but I seriously noticed that my lashes aren’t as dry as they used to be. My lashes were really weak, their tips went completely fair, dehydrated by the sun. Now my lashes don’t fall out while removing makeup so it’s a massive plus for Lashcode especially when you realize that most mascaras do considerable damages to lashes

    • Isabella93

      I forget to add that the effect is great, eyelashes look like extensions

    • Camilla

      if it has composition just like some conditioners then it may in fact make lashes longer and not only optically

  2. xyz

    not many mascara takes care of eyelashes, most of them usually makes lashes more or less dry, I’m keen on testing it

  3. Natty1990

    I’d love to test it,but the price is too high for me :/

    • Lizzie.E

      well, high-quality is pricey, but I saw that there’s discount if you buy more tubes, even 2-pack is less expensive so I’m getting it with my friend

      • Cassandra

        in my experience I know that it is better to buy something more expensive but with great quality . It is simple worth it cause it lasts longer and works amazing

  4. Alex25

    where can I buy it, because I haven’t seen it in any drug store?

    • Milky

      probably on the internet

  5. Margaret85

    I lose a lot of lashes myself during make-up removal, even when I use regular mascara. I stopped using waterproof in general.

    • Iggy J.

      grab an eyelash serum

      • Margeret85

        I had a few conditioners, these probably work but I have problem with being systematic 🙂 I’m also not so happy about waisting time on that so I stopped using them, they were just occupying room in my makeup bag so I gave them away. Such mascara seems to be a solution for me! 😀

  6. Kate

    so try this mascara. You probably wear mascara every day. With Lashcode you can have also nourished and strong lashes.

  7. Martha_A

    Okay for me, in general same as e.g. Lancome

  8. Lena 19.19

    I don’t know about strengthening cause I use it to briefly but I finally have mascara that does not flake or makes me look like a crazy panda 😛

  9. Greeneyes

    I wasn’t as amazed by it as all of you. To be true I used it once. After I applied 2 layers, lashes look good but similar to other cheaper mascaras.

    • Teddy

      after using something once it’s rather difficult to know cause the nourishing properties cannot be noticed after one time

  10. Kate

    Exactly. As I mentioned, I noticed my lashes to be stronger after 4 weeks, so it is worth to use it for longer period of time to find out how the nourishing ingredients work.

  11. CarolineJersey

    It is great that two layers is enough. Till now I was using two mascaras( an had about 4 layers), to get the effect I wanted. The weakness is price,but it’s worth the investment.

  12. Lilla27

    It sounds like a commercial,but it seriously makes lashes longer and curly. No eyeliner needed and the entire lash line looks great. Each lash is perfectly coated and what’s more the mascara doesn’t irritate eyes – and this is quite an issue for me, I can’t use just any mascara

  13. Olivia

    I confirm, never before had better mascara (I mean the lifespan, effect, no irritations) than this and I tested quite a lot of them 😉


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