My homemade remedies for under-eye puffiness


Under-eye puffiness can be the result of passing time, poor care or a sleepless night; in the latter case, they disappear after supplementing sleep deficiencies. Four out of ten women must struggle with bags under the eyes on a daily basis. Where do they come from and what at-home methods will allow us to get […]

Why Lashes Fall Out? My Remedies for Eyelash Loss


Similarly to hair, eyelashes fall out every day. If you lose around two or three lashes a day, there’s no need to worry – this is absolutely normal. However, when you notice lashes falling like leaves from trees in autumn, you must see a doctor. Lash loss may be the symptom of serious diseases such […]

How to take care of mature skin? My reliable methods


Have you been using the same cosmetics for years? It’s time to introduce some changes into your skin care routine. Mature skin has different needs than the skin of younger women, although each of us ages at our own pace, which is determined by genes, hormones, and the lifestyle we lead. The concept of “lifestyle” […]

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