TOP 5: best cosmetics to take on board


Are you planning to go on a journey? You might be wondering whether you will be needing any cosmetics during your flight? Many of you probably just put a powder (to fix your face makeup) and a lipstick (to fix lip makeup) into your purse. However, it turns out that, being on an airplane, your […]

Couperose skin care – my methods of care


Couperose skin got its name after the location of the blood vessels, which are located just under the skin. In addition, they are inflexible, easily expand, and then not always contract. The vessels expand under the influence of atmospheric conditions, i.e. high temperature, scorching sun or strong wind, and some cosmetics. For this reason, couperose skin […]

How to take care of mature skin? My reliable methods


Have you been using the same cosmetics for years? It’s time to introduce some changes into your skin care routine. Mature skin has different needs than the skin of younger women, although each of us ages at our own pace, which is determined by genes, hormones, and the lifestyle we lead. The concept of “lifestyle” […]

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